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SENIOR GRAD TRIPS LLC. TERMS & CONDITIONS – Spring/Winter /Summer Break /Grad Nite.


Please read this document carefully and make sure you understand everything prior to making your reservation. The travel package will be delivered as described on the website or travel flyer is subject to all terms and conditions described herein.

This travel agreement “Agreement” is between Senior Grad Trips LLC. (herein described as “SGT” or “Senior Grad Trips”) d/b/a Senior Grad Trips, Cancun Rehab, Spring Break All Access, Disney Grad Nite Tours, and/or EB Worldwide LCC, located at 8235 Agora Parkway, Suite # 111 PMB 868, Selma, Texas 78154, and the signatory, or party accepting these terms and conditions (“Participant”, “You”). Senior Grad Trips facilitates accommodations and other ground services for You. For charter air only, the charter operator is responsible to the tour Participants for charter air services offered with these tours. Prices on the website are based on airline, hotel, ground service and other prices in effect on of the current year and are subject to change based on availability. Senior Grad Trips reserves the right to increase the price of the tour for any reason subject only to the limitations set forth herein.

RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENTS: A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 per person (Hotel or condo only) / $250.00 per person (bus+accommodations) or $350.00 per person (air+ accommodations) and/or a signed reservation form, and/or an internet-based reservation secured with credit card payment, act as an acknowledgment to the conditions of this contract. Reservations are subject to space availability when your reservation application and payment are received by Senior Grad Trips. Final payment is due in Senior Grad Trips office 60 days prior to arrival. Bookings made within (60) days of arrival date must include full payment of the trip price within (7) days of the Senior Grad Trips down payment, unless other payment arrangements have been approved in writing from our office. Make personal check, money order, or bank checks payable to Senior Grad Trips. Senior Grad Trips accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express credit cards. All charges will appear as Senior Grad Trips on your credit card statement. All prices listed on our website represent a payment via cash, agency check, money order or cashiers’ check. Other than the initial down payment deposit, all payments made by any other form of payment (other than cash, money order or cashiers’ check), such as credit cards and wire transfers, Senior Grad Trips must add back $35 for these types of final payment made. All credit card payments must be accompanied by this signed Terms and Conditions Agreement & credit card authorization to bill form by the final payment deadline prior to final check in documents being issued. If full payment is not made by the due date, the reservation may be cancelled at SGT’s discretion, as well a $150 /person rebooking fee assessment. If payment is late we cannot guarantee groups on the same flight or guarantee your first hotel choice. MAXIMUM ONE FINAL PAYMENT PER CREDIT CARD unless arrangements are made with our office. PAYMENT MUST PROPERLY NOTE THE PARTICIPANT’S BOOKING NUMBER. Insufficient funds or stopped payment checks shall be subject to a charge of $55 per transaction on final bill. SGT’s reserves the right to reduce published prices at its sole discretion and at any time for new bookings only (i.e., on a non-retroactive basis). Senior Grad Trips also reserves the right to re-invoice your reservation should an error be made in computing your package price, or for any error quoted or invoiced by our office. Any person or entity (including a Travel Agent) who receives monies from Participant(s) does so strictly as an agent for the Participant(s). Senior Grad Trips disclaims liability for such monies until received by Senior Grad Trips office and check has been cleared by Senior Grad Trips bank. Tender of a deposit constitutes acceptance of these and all other terms of this agreement and the charter operator’s Charter Passenger Terms and Conditions, if required. The portion of your payment applicable to charter air transportation will be remitted by Senior Grad Trips within 5 business days to the public charter operator by check payable to that operator’s escrow account. Only the portion of your payment applicable to charter air transportation receives escrow protection; the portion applicable to ground accommodations and services are not subject to this requirement, except in instances where the public charter operator supplies all air and ground components of the package being purchased. Customers paying by credit card agree to all terms and conditions contained herein and agree to waive all charge back rights as a means to mediate billing or service disputes. In the event of default in any payment, including but not limited to credit card chargebacks or disputes, the Participant agrees to pay all cost of collections, including but not limited to, attorney’s fees, court cost, and collection agency fees. If you chargeback your credit card, you will be turned over to a collection agency and they will report you to the credit bureaus with this bad debt.

SECURITY FEES / OTHER FEES: South Padre Island trips also require (2) open credit cards imprints (debit cards not accepted) per condo OR hotel room upon arrival for damages OR a $500 per person refundable cash damage deposit due at time of check in. Late checkout fees, excessive cleaning charges, common area damages, credit card disputes by roommates and/or unpaid trip balances are to be charged to these credit cards or taken from the cash damage deposit. Damages and/or excessive cleaning charges assessed to units are subjectively charged to Senior Grad Trips by its rental agents, agencies, hotels, Owners, resorts, and property management Companies, and Senior Grad Trips shall not be required to substantiate damages beyond an invoice. All South Padre packages require a $45 condo/hotel security wristband fee due with final payment that are also included in your quoted trip price. Each Participant is fully responsible for all damages to his/her accommodations, common area damages, and/or excessive cleaning, or incidental charges (including missing or broken items) incurred by Participant or charged to the unit. Please note that all Senior Grad Trips units are non-smoking & do not allow pets. South Padre checkouts are 9:30 a.m., & late checkouts result in a $250 fee per condo. Panama City Beach trips require a refundable $100 damage deposit per person due at check in, and are refunded directly at check out. International spring break trips are typically collected at the front desk of the hotel (generally $25-$100 per person in cash, be prepared) and are refunded at check out. Oasis Cancun charges in CASH at time of check in $28 per person for a resort security fee (non refundable). Most other properties will also require a valid credit card imprint per hotel room at check in. Any damages to condo/hotel properties and/or rooms will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of local or Texas state law, and your identity will be immediately turned over to law enforcement for criminal prosecution. Please do not damage your room/condo.

CHANGING YOUR RESERVATION: There will be a $150 per person fee for any name changes made once payment has been received plus any hotel imposed fees. There is no guarantee that such a change is even possible. Re-booking and cancellation charges as outlined will apply. Name changes are subject to hotel acceptance and penalties. Change fees must be paid prior to final check in / flight information being provided. Remember, changes to names if flights included are impossible. CANCELLATION CHARGES: Be advised that due to the costly process of changes, recording room list adjustments, forfeited lodging deposits paid by Senior Grad Trips or Spring Break All Access, etc. YOUR RIGHT TO A REFUND IF YOU CHANGE OR CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION IS LIMITED.YOU ARE PURCHASING TRAVEL, and this IS NOT A REFUNDABLE TYPE OF PURCHASE. ALL DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS ARE 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. Senior Grad Trips makes commitments on travelers’ vacations once deposits are made, therefore deposits and payments are non refundable. Pertaining too unused tour inclusions: No refunds will be made for any tour inclusions, which are not used by the Participant (except in the case of major changes to Public Charters as detailed in the appropriate charter operator’s Charter Passenger Terms and Conditions).

ACCOMMODATIONS: Unless specifically confirmed in writing, all trips are sold on a maximum occupancy basis. Maximum occupancy (with sleeper sofas and supplemental air bedding utilized) means 2-6 persons per efficiency condo unit, 4-6 persons per hotel room, suite, one bedroom or studio condominium, 6-8 persons per two-bedroom condominium, and 8-10 persons per three-bedroom condominium. We will make reasonable accommodations for Participants with disabilities or special needs if requested at least 30 days prior to your trip departure date and if specifically notified about such needs. If Participants have requested shared occupancy whereby the Participant pays a maximum occupancy rate but in which a unit is not filled to the maximum occupancy limit then SENIOR GRAD TRIPS ACCESS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SPLIT, OR ARRANGE GROUPS IN ANY MANNER NECESSITATED BY GROUP SIZE, AVAILABLE ACCOMMODATIONS OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON WITHOUT NOTICE. Additionally, Senior Grad Trips requires an over occupancy consent form, signed, prior to arrival, by all group members that have more than 4 people per efficiency, hotel room, or 1 bedroom condo, 6 people per 2 bedroom condo, and 8 people per 3 bedroom condo, even though these accommodations do allow such occupancies. In case of a necessary property change, Senior Grad Trips will refund any difference in price between the originally selected property and the property given, if applicable. Like-kind property changes do not result in a refund of any kind, nor reimbursement of any additional inconvenience fees incurred, or reimbursement of ground (i.e. taxi expenses). Unit locations identified in advertising or itineraries are descriptive only and subject to availability. Should the described locations become unavailable for any reason beyond the control of Senior Grad Trips, then Senior Grad Trips reserves the right to assign Participants to other locations at the same destination, which are basically comparable in our sole judgment. Occasionally, scheduling or delays of air or bus transportation may cause late arrivals, which may cause a loss on a night of accommodations. In such event, no refund will be issued. Domestic 7 night Summer Break “Land Only” or “Hotel Only” (South Padre & Panama City) packages always check in on Saturdays, unless Participants have purchased an air-inclusive vacation through Senior Grad Trips. “Land Only” Participants need to arrive prior to 10:00PM on their check in day (unless air inclusive) otherwise a late arrival fee of $50.00 payable in cash will be assessed upon arrival for your group. Shorter than 5 night trips require check in & check out on the day indicated on your invoice. Custom check in/check out dates are available for a fee – call our office for details.

SUBSTITUTIONS / CHANGES: Senior Grad Trips reserves the right to substitute hotels and any other package elements of equal or better grade or quality at our sole judgment. Should Senior Grad Trips fail to deliver any trip component or service as promised, Senior Grad Trips will refund the difference in its cost between the actual component or service wholesale cost delivered and that promised, provided that the reason the component or service not delivered is within Senior Grad Trips reasonable operational control.

AIR TRANSPORTATION: Charter flights will be operated using aircraft and airlines specified in the applicable charter operator’s Charter Passenger Terms and Conditions. The airlines operate the air travel portion of your vacation subject to the government(s) involved granting of operating rights. If such rights are denied, the flight will be canceled with a full refund to the Participants. Senior Grad Trips reserves the right to change the form of air service from charter flight to scheduled flight or vice versa. In cases where Senior Grad Trips arranges flights for you on scheduled service or charter service, Senior Grad Trips acts only as the agent of the scheduled carrier or charter operator and shall not be responsible for the provision or operation of such. Connecting flights are non-refundable once ticketed. Flights are generally non-changeable on student tours. Senior Grad Trips does not guarantee Participants beyond quad occupancy same-flight itineraries on scheduled air flights, only the same day. YOU MUST PRINT YOUR E-TICKETS BY ACCESSING YOUR ACCOUNT ON OUR WEBSITE - NOTHING WILL BE MAILED TO YOU as we no longer issue paper tickets. If you have provided us with an e-mail address, an e-mail notification will be sent to you, your group leader, travel agent or Senior Grad Trips campus representative when your tickets are ready. Senior Grad Trips is not responsible for undelivered or misdirected mail or e-mail. Please enter your email into your online account, and set your spam filter to accept Senior Grad Trips email.

BUS TRANSPORTATION: Senior Grad Trips offers charter bus transportation from certain departures to various domestic & international destinations. Charter bus transportation options are offered conditionally upon Inertia’s ability to fill an entire charter bus from a certain departure or area. If Senior Grad Trips is unable to fill the bus, we purchase a ticket on a scheduled bus route your destination or, offer the traveler the option to purchase an optional upgrade to air-inclusive, OR refund the bus-portion cost of the trip. Full refunds are never given if non-stop motor coaches cannot be filled & a scheduled bus seat must be used.

COMPLAINTS / PROBLEMS: In the very unlikely event that you have cause for dissatisfaction or encounter a problem during your vacation, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact your Senior Grad Trips representative at your destination or Senior Grad Trips Travel Affiliate Partner in: Mexico, Jamaica, Florida, the Bahamas, and Colorado. (Senior Grad Trips cannot not be responsible for expenses incurred by passengers, if Senior Grad Trips was not notified of the problem). Should the cause of dissatisfaction relate to accommodations provided, it is important that the hotel manager and/or destination manager be made aware of the problem, in writing. Any luggage problems should be brought to the attention of the appropriate airline in writing prior to leaving the airport. If after discussing any matter with your representative, you consider that you still have not received satisfaction, please send to Senior Grad Trips a written account of your complaint within 30 days of your return. Except as otherwise required by law, no consideration will be given unless a written communication has been received by Senior Grad Trips within that time.

PARTICIPANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Items not included in this package price; i.e., gratuities, meals, etc. (unless indicated on the invoice otherwise as included) and all items of a personal nature are the sole responsibility of the passenger (unless specifically included in your package) and shall be paid directly when the service is received or paid as indicated by trip Participant information or as the 3rd party terms and conditions set forth. Taxes, fees and damage coverage requirements will be billed with final payment. Air and bus transportation, accommodations rules or conditions of carriage, as determined by said entity, must be adhered to at all times. This includes the third party terms and conditions and rules/regulations printed in itineraries or other distributed printed materials. THE USE OF MUSIC DEVICES WHOSE OUTPUT CAN BE HEARD BY PEOPLE OTHER THAN THE IMMEDIATE USER IS NOT PERMITTED ON ANY FLIGHTS OR MOTOR COACH. PERSONS DEEMED TO BE INTOXICATED MAY BE DENIED BOARDING TO AIRCRAFT OR MOTOR COACH TRANSPORTATION. Passengers who are refused boarding due to intoxication or improper behavior (at our carriers’ sole & arbitrary discretion) will receive no refund. Participant agrees to pay reasonable attorneys fees and other expenses incurred by Senior Grad Trips in the collection of unpaid damages, credit card charge backs or disputes, insufficient or stopped checks, or other losses for which Participant(s) is (are) responsible.

TRANSPORTATION TO MEXICO, Jamaica, and Nicaragua REQUIRES PROPER DOCUMENTATION; All Participants must have a valid US Passport prior to travel documents being sent. PASSENGERS DENIED BOARDING DUE TO IMPROPER DOCUMENTATION WILL RECEIVE NO REFUND. Contact our office if you need expedited passport service. You must directly pay Nicaragua airport officials $10-$20 per person at time of arrival for your tourist visa in Cash.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: Many establishments make available during the course of most trip packages various activities, contests, snow sports, watersports, parties, etc. which Senior Grad Trips or Spring Break All Access may offer on their behalf. Participants agree to accept responsibility for participating in these activities, where offered, and do so upon their own initiative and assumption of risk. Senior Grad Trips is not liable for accident, personal injury or death or property damage as a result of participation in said activities. Participant agrees to waive any and all claims arising against Senior Grad Trips, its employees, independent contractors, agents and/or representatives or associates. By participating on the trip, you agree that you may be photographed, videoed or filmed at any time and that your likeness, and/or photographic or digital image may be used at Senior Grad Trips sole discretion for any purpose, and used by Senior Grad Trips and/or its travel affiliate partners and/or sponsors. Senior Grad Trips events, parties, meals, and travel activities are considered public events & are often photographed, filmed, or video graphed without specific at-time knowledge of travel Participants. All images, pictures, and/or video remain the property of Senior Grad Trips & its sponsors and may be used without compensation or specific notification to travel Participants by Senior Grad Trips, its travel affiliate partners, vendors, suppliers, and sponsors. Senior Grad Trips does not condone the use of alcohol or recreational drugs in its programs and you agree to the assumption of risk for any issues that may arise directly or indirectly from your use of alcohol or drugs, whether legal or illegal. Various entities on-location may offer packages including alcoholic beverages, which is beyond the control of Senior Grad Trips.

CONDITIONS AND ACCOUNTABILITY: In providing this vacation, Senior Grad Trips, through contracts with independent third-party suppliers, arranges for certain services and accommodations offered in connection with the tour. With respect to all scheduled air Flights and Tours, Senior Grad Trips is the agent and is responsible to the Participant for arranging services and accommodations as stated on your invoice. However, neither Senior Grad Trips nor their agents, servants, campus representatives, employees or your travel agent shall be liable for any claims, actions, cause of action, injuries, damages, loss, delays, costs or expenses arising out of or resulting from injury, accident or death, damage, loss or delay of baggage or other property, or delay, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset/disappointment, distress or frustration whether physical or mental for any of the following: Any act or omission of any third-party contractor supplying services on the tour, including, but not limited to air, land or water transportation services; Any act or omission of any third- party contractor supplying accommodations on the tour; Quarantine; Strikes; Force majeure; The failure of aircraft, land craft or watercraft or any other means of transportation to arrive or depart as scheduled; Civil unrest, terroristic or criminal activities; disturbances; Government restrictions or regulations; Discontinuance or change in transit or hotel services; Any other cause over which Senior Grad Trips has no direct control. The total responsibility for the operation, maintenance and scheduling for aircraft, watercraft or land vehicles used for the tour rests with the third-party contractor engaged in transporting passengers. Third-party contractors providing air, ground or water transportation shall not be liable for any damage, loss, delay or expense incurred at a time during which passengers are not on board their craft. Except as otherwise required by law, any claim, action, or cause of action against any party providing air, water or ground transportation services for personal injuries or death shall be brought in the country where the personal injury or death occurred. Upon occasion, Senior Grad Trips may solicit sponsorship on a national, international or local level for the trip packages from various corporations or entities. It is to be understood by the Participant that such sponsorships, if any, are arranged by Spring Break All Access or our agents strictly to enhance Senior Grad Trips trip packages at no or discounted costs to the Participant. It shall not be construed by you that these arrangements with such corporations or entities, if any, denotes that said sponsors are in a partnership of any kind with Senior Grad Trips, its employees, agents or associates nor that Senior Grad Trips recommends, condones or suggests that the Participant purchase, use or consume or approve of said corporate or other entity sponsors’ products or services. Grading of hotels and services is in accordance with standard industry practice and a tour Participant accepts such grading when booking these tours. Senior Grad Trips reserves the right to decline any tour member as Participant of these tours. An increase in government taxes or fees may be imposed by the transportation companies which, in turn, may be added to the tour price even after final payment. Any increase of this nature for charter flights will be in accordance with DOT rules and regulations. For packages not covered by DOT charter rules and regulations Senior Grad Trips reserves the right to alter the printed itinerary or schedule of any trip as may be necessary with or without notice and may cancel any trip package for any reason prior to the scheduled trip package beginning and our only liability shall be to refund all monies paid by you to us to date of such cancellation. You shall be refunded within thirty (30) days of such unlikely cancellation. Travel Participants must sign this agreement and return to the Exhibit Tours office with final payment. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL YOU BE GIVEN FINAL TRAVEL DOCUMENTS, TICKETS, ALLOWED BOARDING, OR CHECKED-IN WITHOUT ALL PASSENGERS IN ROOM & BOOKING SIGNING AND AGREEING TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS WITHOUT CONDITION & EXCEPTION.

AGREEMENT TO INDEMNIFY. The Participant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Senior Grad Trips and its staff members, together with any agents thereof, from any financial liability or obligation incurred by either the Group Participant or any individual Participant and from any injury or damage to the person or property of others which any individual Participant causes or contributes to while participating in a tour sponsored by Senior Grad Trips. The Group Participant as a party to this Contract, and each individual Participant as a registered applicant for the tour, releases Senior Grad Trips and its staff members, together with any agents thereof, from any and all causes of actions, claims and damages of any kind or nature whatsoever arising from any injury, loss, damage, expense, accident, delay, or other inconsistency which is in any way connected with the management or conduct of a Senior Grad Trips program.
Section 2. Release from Events out of the control of Senior Grad Trips The Group Participant hereby releases Senior Grad Trips and its staff members, together with any agents thereof, from any claims resulting from events, acts or failures to act which are out of the control of Senior Grad Trips Access and which may include but shall not be limited to acts of God, acts of war or terrorism, restrictions imposed by a country and/or its government, and acts, non-acts or events controlled by outside organizations such as transportation companies, restaurants and hotels which may be associated with the arrangements of the tour. Senior Grad Trips reserves the right to cancel any performance, without refund, due to weather. No alternate performances will be scheduled for any reason. Senior Grad Trips does not guarantee an audience for performances.
Section 3. Model Release. Group Participant, individual Participants and parents/guardians of minor individual Participants authorize, without compensation, Senior Grad Trips and its contractors, agencies and representatives to copy and reproduce for the purpose of illustration, advertising, display and publication in any manner photographs taken of Participants while participating in a tour arranged by Senior Grad Trips.

2017/2018 TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR CHARTER AIR PASSENGERS – SPRING BREAK, WINTER BREAK, & SUMMER BREAK Please read and sign this agreement when payment is tendered for your trip, as the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires us to secure a signed agreement prior to transporting any passengers. The U.S. Department of Transportation requires a number of rules and regulations be disclosed to all charter air passengers as outlined below. Senior Grad Trips. has selected various travel affiliate tour operator partners (herein known as TATOP) as the operator for any charter, and/or charter operations and is responsible to the tour Participants for air transportation as set forth herein. Public Charters are operated by TATOP. TATOP and the airline reserve the right to substitute any duly licensed air carrier and/or change aircraft type, routing, and do not guarantee single plane or nonstop service. Public Charter and/or scheduled air services are provided by: Sun Country, Aviacsa, Miami Air, Northwest, Southwest, Spirit, Aero California, Aero Mexico, JetBlue, Mexicana, Champion Air, Ryan Air, UPS, Continental, Delta, American, US Air, Spirit Air, Sunworld, Frontier, KLM, Southwest, and Air Jamaica, depending on originating city and date as well as Vacation Express (VE), Sun Trips (ST), Skyquest (SQ), Sun Coast (SN), Apple Vacations (AP), STS, Sunsplash, Funjet Vacations, US Airways, Continental Vacations, Delta Vacations, & MLT Vacations.

PAYMENT AND TERMS: Payment to the charter operator direct or through your campus representative or travel agent is applied to round trip air charter air transportation. Hotel accommodation, ground and other package components will be supplied by the agent noted on the reverse side of this form in accordance with those terms and conditions. All stated prices are in effect on of the current year and are subject to change based on availability. The price, however, is subject to change and should it be increased, you will be given notice as soon as possible so that you will be aware of any supplementary charge. Supplementary charges, including but not limited to security or charter operator surcharges of 10% or less of the total price do not allow cancellation with refunds. Any such charge will occur at least 10 days before departure. TATOP reserves the right to reduce published prices at its sole discretion and at any time for new bookings only (i.e., on a non retroactive basis). Included in package price: All US/Mexico and/or other foreign and domestic departure taxes plus a $20 processing fee. Optional Party Packages and travel insurance are not included, nor free of charge. Roundtrip transfers for spring & summer break are generally included, consult your invoice. Tipping for baggage handling is NOT included in your originating or return airport, or at hotels, please be courteous with transfer personnel.

OPERATOR’S OPTION AND CO-TERMINAL CITIES: The following are considered co-terminal cities: (Newark, JFK, LaGuardia, Philadelphia), (BWI, Ronald Reagan, Dulles), (O’Hare, Midway), (Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus), (Richmond, Raleigh, Norfolk, Charlotte), (Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany), (Providence, Boston) (Detroit, Lansing MI) and (Tampa/Orlando/Jacksonville) Your airport and final trip dates will be assigned no later than 10 days prior to departure. Operator’s Option: Departures for 7 night packages can be Fri., Sat., Sun. of your chosen weekend. 4/5 night trips may depart Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/ or Tues at Senior Grad Trips option. The selection of the actual dates is at the charter operator’s option and not a reason for cancellation. Guaranteed Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Departures are available at a cost of $75 additional per person for tours/packages at the time of the Senior Grad Trips booking.

FLIGHT SCHEDULES / CHANGES / CONNECTING FLIGHTS: Flight times are not guaranteed and may affect actual length of time in vacation destination on travel days (not a reason for a refund). This includes hotel changes due to overlapping room inventory. Any flight information provided prior to departure is considered tentative and is subject to change in accordance with the operator’s option plan. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the tour Participant to reconfirm both outbound and return flights (24) hours prior to takeoff. Connecting Flights: Since charter air schedules are subject to change, we are not able to assist you or give any refund of any kind for charter flights missed or delayed flights as a result of connections. Passengers are advised to allow ample time (minimum 6 hours, preferably overnight) between the connecting flight and Senior Grad Trips provided flight. We cannot be held responsible for missed connections. Senior Grad Trips cannot guarantee identical flight times for groups over (4) passengers on scheduled air service, although Senior Grad Trips does guarantee same-day arrival and departure dates. Senior Grad Trips is not responsible for passenger-caused missed airport transfers at any destination, nor reimbursement, whether Senior Grad Trips has included transfers as part of the Tour or not.

AIR PASSENGER RESPONSIBILITY: It is required that you arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to scheduled departure. Flight times shown are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of each Participant to reconfirm all flight times. When a paper ticket is required and a customer’s ticket, or a portion of the ticket, is lost, stolen or destroyed, the customer will be required to purchase another ticket at the appropriate fare before transportation will be furnished between the points covered by the lost ticket. There will be no refund or replacement for a lost ticket. Each passenger must have proof of citizenship. The following are considered proof of citizenship: Valid U.S. passport for International vacations, and a valid US State Issued ID for domestic packages. Children under 18 must have an original or certified copy of birth certificate, and a notarized letter of permission signed by BOTH parents or a “Sole Custody” or “Father Unknown” document. Non-U.S or Foreign residents of the U.S must contact the appropriate foreign Consulate and comply fully with their requirements. Failure to possess required documents will result in denied boarding without refund.

TATOP’S RESPONSIBILITY: We arrange with airlines and other independent firms to provide you with air transportation services. Although we are the principal and take great care in choosing our suppliers, we do not control them and therefore cannot be responsible for their acts or omissions. The airline and the TATOP also reserve the right to change aircraft type and to substitute another authorized carrier. No refund will be given for such changes. If the TATOP or the airline cancels the trip for any other reason including failure to obtain landing rights from foreign government or the United States, you will receive a full refund. We may refuse to accept or retain any person, as a Participant, at any time, whenever, in our sole judgment, conditions warrant, in which case a proportionate refund will be made. The TATOP will not accept responsibility for additional charges incurred for expenses or lost wages as a result of changes in flight times, and/or missed holiday time. All air transportation is subject to conditions imposed by airlines who may limit their liability by tariffs, contracts and international agreements. Due to increased fuel costs, please contact your airline carrier directly to inquire about checked baggage fees, if applicable. For international flights, air carrier liability for lost baggage is limited to $400 total, per Customer ($1250 per Customer for domestic flights). For delayed baggage, air carrier liability is $25 per person per day, after bags have been delayed for a minimum of 24 hours. AIR CARRIERS AND Spring Break All Access HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY TO CUSTOMERS WHO FAIL TO SUBMIT A LOST BAGGAGE CLAIM FORM TO THEIR AIR CARRIER WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ARRIVAL. Senior Grad Trips assumes no liability for lost or delayed baggage and strongly recommends the purchase of the Optional Trip & Travelers Insurance Policy. Unless we are negligent, we are not responsible for any claims, losses, damage, loss or delay of baggage or other property or delay, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration resulting from:(a) the act or omission of any party other than TATOP or its employees;(b) mechanical breakdowns, government actions, weather and other factors beyond our control; or(c) cancellation or change for any reason in the services offered (except as provided below). Subject to the rules on major changes as described below, TATOP reserves the right to cancel or alter services at its discretion. In the event of change, the TATOP will try to substitute comparable services; in the event of cancellation, TATOP’s only liability will be to refund within 14 days, all monies paid. TATOP may not cancel a charter less than 10 days before scheduled departure except when it is physically impossible to perform the trip. If this happens notice will be given as soon as possible but in any event before the scheduled departure. A major change is (1) a change in the scheduled departure or return date, (2) a change in the origin or destination city for any flight (other than a change in the order in which cities are visited) note: co-terminals may be used, or (3) a price increase amounting to more than 10%. All of your rights and remedies hereunder are additional to other rights you may have under law, but acceptance of any refund hereunder constitutes a waiver of all such other rights and remedies.

INSURANCE: Due to the stringent cancellation restrictions as well as risks generally associated with travel, (i.e. sickness, injury, travel delays, non-coverage health insurance internationally, etc.), we emphatically recommend the purchase of the Optional Trip & Travelers Insurance. Senior Grad Trips is not responsible for these occurrences. Your invoice will reflect the addition of $99 for this optional coverage, which you may decline on this contract in the section above your signature. In order to have effective coverage, this policy must be purchased prior to final payments being received by Senior Grad Trips. This coverage is mandatory for High School students on grad, ski, or spring break trips and is added onto final trip balances.

APPLICABLE LAW: Participant, by execution of this contract, acknowledges that he/she has caused an event to occur in the State of Texas and hereby irrevocably consents and confirms exclusive jurisdiction & venue to the courts of Guadalupe County, in the State of Texas in the event of any dispute pertaining to this contract or any matter arising there from or in connection therewith. By signing this agreement, Participant hereby agrees and accepts the Senior Grad Trips Terms and Conditions listed above, and agrees that should any part of this contact be found unenforceable, the balance of the contract shall remain intact.

If you have any questions pertaining to this legally binding contract, please contact our office 888.437.0772 or email us PRIOR to signing & returning this signed agreement to our Company. This serves as your notice you are required to read and accept all of the terms of this contract to travel with Senior Grad Trips and return of this agreement signifies your acceptance of all terms.

NOTE: All tour Participants in your group must return the form on the next page, along with a signed credit card authorization to bill form (if credit card used for more than initial down payment deposit) prior to any Participants travel or tour arrangements being transmitted to any Participants. Please contact your group!

Final Payment Due March 1, 2019